We provide social and health services to people in difficult situations or acute need. We make life easier for the disabled, terminally ill, homeless, victims of domestic violence and foreign nationals who live with us. We help in emergencies such as floods or fires. We strive for a fairer world by pushing for changes to the laws. We support sustainable development and improving the quality of life for people on Earth.

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We are the largest provider of social and health services in the Czech Republic

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Social services

We help improve problematic situations for the elderly people, families with children, victims of domestic violence, the homeless, people in debt traps and many others who sometimes need advice, other times, a roof over their heads and a hot meal.

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Health services

We are the largest non-state provider of health services in our country.
In more than two hundred Caritas health facilities we employ 1,518 nurses who treat up to 55,000 patients a year.

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Integration of foreign nationals

We offer assistance to foreign nationals in need or in a situation they cannot cope with by themselves. Often, this involves social security, health care, accommodation, and employment.

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Humanitarian activities

We undertake these in the event of natural disasters such as floods or catastrophic fires, as one of the components of the Integrated Rescue System.

Where to next?

  • We usually provide our assistance in Czech, as well as our materials. For detailed information, you can visit our Czech website.
  • You can also contact our info lines for foreigners, where you can also speak in English.