Everyone is important to us

Who we are

As the oldest non-profit organization working at the national level, we are also the biggest non-state provider of social and health services. Our network comprises of more than 320 Caritas organizations of different sizes – from small parishes to Diocesan or Archdiocesan. Every year, we help nearly 150,000 people across the country. Since we are a member of Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Europa, we have partners all around the world.

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How we help

Our mission is to help people in difficult social situations, people with disabilities and long-term illnesses, the dying, victims of domestic violence, and people stricken by natural disasters and war conflicts, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. In case of natural disasters and catastrophes, we operate as a part of the Integrated Rescue System. We push for legislative changes to create a more just world. We protect the rights and dignity of each and every person, regardless of race or religion.

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