Who We Are

As the oldest non-profit organization working at the national level, we are also the biggest non-state provider of social and health services. Our network comprises of more than 300 Caritas organizations of different sizes – from small parishes to Diocesan or Archdiocesan. We organize the Three Kings Collection, the largest fundraising event in our country.

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Professional care with a century-old tradition

Every year, we help nearly 170,000 people across the country, and our humanitarian aid and development cooperation projects contribute to improving the quality of life of people on four continents. Since we are a member of Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Europa, we have partners all around the world.

Everyone is important to us

We have 8,800 employees at Caritas Czech Republic, and together with tens of thousands of volunteers, we lend a helping hand to those who can't cope by themselves – because of illness, old age, disability, debt traps, or social distress. Our founder is the Czech Bishops' Conference, but we provide assistance regardless of religion, race, nationality or national or political affiliation. We respect the rights and the dignity of every person.

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