Individual Caritas organizations and Caritas Czech Republic provide assistance to those in need from Haiti across the South American continent, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, to Asian countries. We alleviate humanitarian distress for people affected by war or natural disaster, development cooperation projects concerning health, education, agriculture, environmental protection.

Basic facts

Almost 102 projects and CZK 230 million – this is the balance of the activities of 11 Archdiocesan, Diocesan and regional Caritas organizations and Caritas Czech Republic abroad in 2019. Although we are primarily focused on aid in the Czech Republic, we are the second largest domestic humanitarian organization in the scope of our work abroad.

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Humanitarian aid

We provide this mainly to people who have lost their homes in a conflict or after a natural disaster, if they are at risk of hunger, epidemics, non-availability of medical care. Recently, our aid has been largely channelled to the Middle East to make life easier for people in Iraq and Syria, as well as eastern Ukraine and Cambodia.

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Development cooperation

In individual countries, we mainly focus on health, social work, agriculture and the provision of drinking water sources, supporting education and developing of small business and civil society. We take care of environmental protection and respect for human rights, focusing on strategic and sustainable development.