Integration of Foreigners

We offer assistance to foreign nationals who find themselves in need or in a situation that they cannot solve on their own. In most cases, these are problems related to residence permit, social security, health care, help with finding accommodation, employment or education. We emphasise integration activities facilitating the integration of migrants and refugees into the Czech society. We facilitate the work of institutions and contribute to the problem-free coexistence of the majority society and the newcomers.

Foreign Nationals´ Integration


The basis is to provide free of charge professional social and legal counselling services. These services are provided on an outpatient and in the field basis, in compliance with civil counselling principles: free of charge, independent, unbiased and discreet.

Other Services

These include low-threshold Czech language courses, accompaniment to the  authorities, assistance, interpreting, use of humanitarian clothes' storeroom, food and material aid, workshops for students of elementary and high schools, tutoring, leisure activities for children, trips, camps, courses with sociocultural focus and interest activities for international protection applicants. 

Info Lines For Foreign Nationals

Centers for Foreigners

Those are advisory centers, which focus on helping foreigners living in the Czech Republic. Those services are available at the places of advisory centers, and in some cities also at the departments for foreigners’ stay of the Ministry of Interior, Department of Asylum and Migration Policy.

Migration coordinator of the Caritas Czech Republic:

Klára Boumová,, tel. +420 296 243 352, +420 731 646 938