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The name Caritas Czech Republic is used in a wider sense for the entire Caritas network in the territory of our state, and in a narrower sense for the part which is formally called Secretariat of Caritas Czech Republic, is based in Prague, and coordinates Caritas activities at national level. Please contact the Caritas Czech Republic Communications and Fundraising Department if you need information on the entire charity network, or you are interested in our advocacy activities.

The Caritas network consists of 301 local and Archdiocesan or Diocesan Caritas organizations, including the Czech Catholic Caritas and the Greek Catholic Caritas. Each of the Diocesan or Archdiocesan Caritas has its PR worker who is in touch with the media. Their contacts can be found below. The boundaries of the Dioceses on which the territorial scope of the Caritas is based do not coincide with the boundaries of the regions. We know that from an organizational point of view, we are a little unconventional, so we are ready for your questions.

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PR workers in diocesan and archdiocesan Caritas