Info Lines for Foreign Nationals

Assistance information lines serve Ukrainians, Vietnamese and Mongols who live and work in our country, as well as authorities and institutions that come into contact with them: they can be used in interpreting. You can contact an info line in working hours by phone or e-mail. The service is anonymous and free of charge, only the price of the call is paid according to the operator's rate.

Operators of Assistance Info Lines

• provide information regarding the stay of foreign nationals in the Czech Republic
• provide information on employment, the social services system, health service and education
• provide information and psychosocial support in dealing with challenging life situations
• can help people to fill out official forms over the phone
• can help people with language interpretation in cases related to these topics


ЛАВЛАХ УТАС – Assistance in Mongolian and Czech

phone +420 733 676 667
Monday 9.00–11.00, 14.00–16.00
Wednesday 9.00–11.00, 14.00–16.00


ІНФОРМАЦІЙНА ЛІНІЯ – Assistance in Ukrainian and Czech

phone +420 731 432 431
Monday 9-13 a 14-18 hodin
Tuesday 9-12 a 14-17 hodin
Wednesday 9-13 a 14-18 hodin
Friday 9-13 a 14-18 hodin
Saturday 9-12 a 14-17 hodin


ĐƯƯNG DÂY NÓNG – Assistance in Vietnamese and Czech

phone +420 605 999 969
Monday 9.00–12.00, 14.00–17.00
Wednesday 9.00–12.00, 14.00–17.00
Friday 9.00–12.00, 14.00–17.00