How does the money from the Caritas for Ukraine collection help?
May 10, 2022 News

How does the money from the Caritas for Ukraine collection help?

The war in Ukraine has been going on for several weeks, but we tirelessly continue helping the people affected by the conflict. We provide material assistance to our partner Caritas Ukraine, we help refugees at the borders and we also provide them with necessities in our country. We can do all that thanks to your support. Find out details about the use of the money raised from the Caritas for Ukraine collection.

 The total amount that has been deposited to our collection account is incredible 157,300,000 CZK. So far, we have used 26,900,000 CZK from the collection to help the citizens of Ukraine, of which 56 percent went to humanitarian aid at the place of the conflict and 44 percent to help refugees in the Czech Republic. Then we used almost 15 million CZK for humanitarian aid.

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"So far, we have distributed 11,500,000 CZK to individual archdiocesan and diocesan charities, which use the money operationally according to the needs of a given region, and we are now planning to distribute 26,100,000 CZK," says Lukáš Curylo, the director of Caritas Czech Republic. "We send trucks and trains to Ukraine with power plants, power generators and batteries, non-perishable food and canned food for adults, baby food, water, blankets, camp beds, hygiene supplies and first aid kits, and other medical supplies, including two incubators," adds Curylo. 

 Part of our help is also the operation of a free and anonymous information hotline in Ukrainian, which has been in operation for several years now. During the war in Ukraine, there was a significant increase in callers, so we did not hesitate to extend our opening hours. People most often turn to us with questions regarding accommodation options and job offers in the Czech Republic. We have years of experience in helping foreigners. This is mainly due to the extensive Caritas network, which allows us to provide services throughout the Czech Republic.

 "In addition to basic information, important and useful telephone numbers or addresses, we also offer interpreting and, last but not least, psychosocial support. Our operators are professionally trained for crisis intervention and can help anyone who turns to them," says Klára Boumová, the Caritas manager for advocacy in the field of migration.

From the beginning, our colleagues from Young Caritas in Prague also assisted the citizens of Ukraine. They put together a team of volunteers and trained several dozen candidates who help newcomers get oriented in our country. Some of them also assist social workers and babysit the children of Ukrainian mothers.

 Photo: Jakub Žák