Caritas CARES 2021 report opens the topic of poverty in Czechia
February 18, 2022 News

Caritas CARES 2021 report opens the topic of poverty in Czechia

In cooperation with Caritas Europa, we publish the fourth Caritas CARES 2021 report and present its conclusions at an expert conference. It is entitled „A more inclusive labor market: making sure no one is left behind.“

The report describes the main problems in society related to poverty and social inclusion in the society of disadvantaged people in each European country. Not only do we name the problems, but also propose solutions and submit them to legislators and state authorities. 

The report´s main topic is inclusive labor markets, employment policy, social entrepreneurship, indebtedness, informal economy work, and financial support for services focused on strengthening inclusion. At first sight, unemployment statistics looked favorable but did not reflect the reality. When we got deeper into the statistics, we find that the reality is different – much less optimistic. You may find the issues related to poverty in Czechia in more detail in our national report. 

The director of Caritas Czech Republic, Lukáš Curylo opened the expert conference and several experts spoke at the conference, for example Daniel Prokop, Radek Hábl, Antonín Nekvinda and Kateřina Smejkalová. The Secretary General of Caritas Europa Maria Nyman attended the conference. 

  • You can download the Caritas CARES 2021 report here.
  • More detailed information about the national report Caritas CARES can be found on our website.
  • You can also read the press release on Caritas CARES 2021 report