Three Kings Collection reached a record amount this year. Thank you all who think about others!
February 14, 2022 Press release

Three Kings Collection reached a record amount this year. Thank you all who think about others!

This year Three Kings Collection, during which our carolers went out on the streets again after last year's break, was a great success. Thanks to generous donors, a record 137 601 351 Czech crowns were collected for those in need. 

On Sunday, 16th January 2022, carolers across the country ended their two-week journey with their sealed money boxes. Nevertheless, the collection continued online until 31st January. The carolers from all corners of our country raised 128 309 943 Czech crowns in their money boxes, with online caroling now showing the amount 3 629 595 crowns, and non-cash donations have amounted to 4 592 769 Czech crowns to date. Viewers of the traditional Three Kings Concert, which the Czech television broadcasted on Sunday 9th January, contributed 1 069 044 Czech crowns to the money box.

Unfortunately, even this year, a pandemic hit our collection. For example, the carolers could not go out in the streets to all the cities like in previous years. They collected record amounts in places where they did not have to struggle with carolers in quarantines. We have counted 99,3% of the money boxes, and there are 176 ones left to count – these are the money boxes that were prevented from being unsealed either by the quarantines of our colleagues or by the staff of the municipal offices where the boxes were sealed before the collection. 

"We are all very happy that our carolers were able to bring joy and God's blessing to people again this year. Even though there were fewer caroling groups than two years ago, the result of the Three Kings Collection is higher than the so-far best result in 2020 – the year before Covid - when the total amount of the collection was 133 803 733 Czech crowns. The donors' generosity is admirable. At the same time, we learned last year's lesson when it was impossible to go caroling in the field due to coronavirus restrictions. Therefore, we have added the last year's Covid-proved tools to the traditional collection. All of this has now helped to make the collection successful in places where caroling in person was not possible or where they did not dare to carol in the field," says Lukáš Curylo, the director of Caritas Czech Republic and he adds: "This is one of the reasons why this year's total amount raised is a record in twenty- two- year history of the collection. It is a really nice surprise, and I thank you for it. Thanks to the thousands of volunteers, children, youth, and adult organizers, our coordinators, and especially to all generous donors for their contributions and trust. Thanks to the financial donations we will be able to effectively help people in need because the raised money from the Three Kings Collection is intended for them.

"Our carollers went out in the streets with touching enthusiasm, after the break during which they could not enjoy caroling. People were happy to meet them, took photos with them or chatted with them warmly or sang carols with them. We are glad that we can keep the tradition going and reach a record amount of money collected. All year round, preparations and our efforts are subordinated not only to achieve the best possible result but also to teach children and young people to give their time and attention to those in need. All the caroling groups already knew how the money they raised would be used in their region – whom it would help and how. This is driving them and is also a guarantee for us that we raise the next generation of people who will not be indifferent to the fate of the sick, the poor or the lonely", says Gabriela Víšová, the country coordinator of the Three Kings Collection.  

And how the money raised will help? On the website Three Kings Collection (only in Czech language), you will find all the information about how respective Caritas would use the money from the collection (only in Czech). For example, you find out that:

  • Caritas in Moravská Třebová will support the new service of home care and palliative care, and it will use the finance from the collection to direct help for families and individuals in need. 
  • In Bystřice pod Hostýnem, seniors from the daycare centre in Chvalčov will enjoy new furniture in outside space, and nurses will receive four new nurses' sets to care for our patients in the field.
  • Kralupy nad Vltavou Caritas will repair a shelter house for mothers with children, enable summer retreats for socially disadvantaged children, and support socially disadvantaged seniors' leisure activities.  
  • Caritas in Hodonín will use the money from the collection for immediate assistance to people during sudden natural disasters (our colleagues are still on the ground in the villages affected by the tornado and are continuing to help) and will also retrofit a rental shop for compensatory aids.
  • Horažďovice Caritas will use the money raised for its care and nursing services and a civic counseling center, will help the Kašperské Hory Children's Home in Chánovice, Beruška Maternity Center in Nepomuk, and the money will also help socially disadvantaged families with children to overcome a difficult situation in life. 
  • The Dobruška Parish Caritas will support the social services – personal assistance and purchase other necessary aids for the elderly and the sick after injury.
  • Liberec Caritas will purchase studying aids and supplies for elementary school children and extend the offer of its leisure activities for socially disadvantaged children and youth. The Liberec Caritas will support the saint Zdislava hospice, a home for peaceful old age – the Home of saint Vavřinec and home for mothers with children in need. The money from the collection will also help run the Caritas Wardrobe. 
  • Caritas in Opava will use the funds to support the elderly care in Caritas services in the field of nursing and hospice care. It will not forget about the development of the sheltered housing in Jarkovice. 
  • Caritas in Teplá will help the weekly daycare center for clients with Alzheimer's disease. 

And we could go on for a long time; the plans and projects are many, they are immensely diverse and cover the whole range of services that Caritas Czech Republic provides to all those in need. 

Find detailed results of this year's Three Kings Collection in respective Caritas here (only in Czech language), as well as the collection results from previous years. 

Those who did not manage to contribute could do so in the course of the year, by donating online at the (only in Czech language), via a new payment gateway, which Česká spořitelna helps operate. A piece of important news and advantage: while filling in the details, the specific Caritas to which the donor wishes to contribute can be selected. Exact instructions on how to donate through the payment gateway. Online collection step by step can be found here. It is also possible to send a donation by text message or send a non-cash donation by bank transfer or to a collection account during the year. 

History of the collection

The first annual collection took place in 2000 in Archdiocese of Olomouc. The collection has been running nationwide since 2001. The Three Kings Collection has become the most successful collection in the Czech Republic. At the beginning of January, children dressed as the biblical three kings announce to people in the streets that the Saviour has been born in Bethlehem. They sing, wish a happy new year and hand out small gifts – calendars and wrapped sweets – and write blessings on the door in chalk. They collect money in officially sealed boxes. The money then supports hundreds of projects each year - small and large - to help people in need. Since 2001, the proceeds of the collection have risen every year. In January 2019, it exceeded 120 million crowns. The exception was last year's "covid year", when the Charity had to deal with a strict lockdown from one day to the next, so caroling in person was impossible. Despite this, the result of the collection was spectacular, with 81,476,288 crowns raised through various forms of caroling. 

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