Caritas Czech republic helps war-torn Ukraine and its refugees in the Czech Republic
May 17, 2022 Press release

Caritas Czech republic helps war-torn Ukraine and its refugees in the Czech Republic

The war in Ukraine has been going on for over two months. Thanks to generous donors, we collected 157,300,000 crowns in the Caritas for Ukraine collection account. How does the money help?

Caritas Czech Republic cooperates with the partner organization Caritas Ukraine. Thanks to this long-standing partnership, we can respond immediately and purposefully to the needs of people affected by the war. We provide material assistance to our partners in the Ukrainian Caritas in the areas of combat. We help refugees at the border, on their way out of the country and internally displaced. In cooperation with the Czech authorities, we provide assistance to Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic. A wide Caritas network allows us to provide qualified services throughout the country.

Since the first day of the Russian occupiers' invasion of Ukraine, we have raised a total of 26,900,000 crowns from the collection, of which 56% is for humanitarian aid at the conflict site and 44% is for aid to war refugees in the Czech Republic. The total amount of humanitarian aid provided so far is almost 15 million crowns.

"We send trucks and trains to Ukraine with power generators, generators and batteries, durable food and canned food for adults, baby food, water, blankets, loungers, hygiene supplies and first aid kits and other medical supplies, including two incubators. In addition to direct financial assistance and the provision of material assistance, our work also includes access to health and psychosocial care in the affected areas, as well as support for internally displaced persons. We also help people fleeing the war in Moldova, where, after a long-term partnership, we established the Caritas Czech Republic mission in 2017 and where we have now equipped three centers for Ukrainian refugees. To date, we have provided humanitarian and financial assistance to the Moldovan mission in the amount of 6 million crowns, "says Lukáš Curylo, director of Caritas Czech Republic, adding:" So far, we have distributed 11,500,000 crowns to archdiocesan and diocesan Caritas, which use the money operatively according to the needs in the given region, and we are now preparing another CZK 26,100,000 for distribution. ”

Caritas Czech Republic has many years of national experience in providing assistance to foreigners. A wide network of 300 Charities allows us to provide services throughout the country. It has long supported foreigners in situations that they cannot solve on their own - whether it is the problems of everyday life or unexpected crisis and international disasters. In the implementation of assistance to Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic, we work closely with the Ministry of the Interior, the Administration of Refugee Facilities, the Prague Integration Center, other non-profit organizations and, of course, a number of volunteers and colleagues from other Caritas.

We have been operating a free and anonymous information line in Czech and Ukrainian for several years. "In addition to basic information, important and useful telephone numbers or addresses, we also offer interpreting and, last but not least, psychosocial support. Our operators are professionally trained in crisis intervention and can help anyone who turns to them, " says Klára Boumová, Caritas Manager for Migration Advocacy. On this line, we recorded a significant increase in inquiries, so we expanded the operating hours and strengthened it in terms of capacity.

Colleagues are under the onslaught of questions regarding the possibility of arrival in the Czech Republic, opportunities to find accommodation and employment, handling formalities necessary for a temporary stay in the Czech Republic and the like. The line is now available every weekday from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 18. "Diocesan Caritas provides direct assistance at some branches of the Asylum and Migration Policy Departments (OAMP).

They help, for example, with filling in forms, interpreting, and facilitate communication between foreigners and officials. These are mainly Prague, Brno, Hradec Králové, Plzeň and České Budějovice. Caritas coordinators in dioceses organize help to newcomers - they provide food and material support, provide accommodation, collect offers and requests for help. Our significant reinforcement is the network of volunteers who immediately offered help after the outbreak of the war, "adds Klára Boumová.

The Young Caritas team in Prague also joined in. A few days after the outbreak of the Russian invasion, the team has built a wide network of volunteers. Over the course of three weeks, he also trained 40 students and employees who help newcomers from Ukraine to orientate themselves quickly in the new environment. They help babysit children of Ukrainian mothers, assist social workers or guide Ukrainian families.

You can find out how the individual Charities help you on our special website:, where you will also find stories of war refugees in our country.

We continue to provide humanitarian aid in Ukraine in the same way as we help Ukrainians at home. We are preparing an innovative solution for providing financial assistance to refugees, which we will inform you about soon.

Information about the Caritas for Ukraine collection to help people affected by armed conflict:

The collection account maintained by Česká spořitelna has the number 55660022/0800, variable symbol 104. It is also possible to contribute by sending a donor SMS to the number 87 777 in the form:

DMS CHARITASVET 30, DMS CHARITASVET 60 or DMS CHARITASVET 90, or via the QR code provided on our website.

Thank you for helping with us!

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