Statement by the Caritas Czech Republic to support the vaccination against Covid-19
January 9, 2022 News

Statement by the Caritas Czech Republic to support the vaccination against Covid-19

The ongoing pandemic wave and disinformation appearing in the media and on social networks, as well as the destructive attempts of some groups to disrupt the smooth running of Caritas facilities for those in need that defy common sense, have prompted the directors and presidents of Caritas to decide to publicly express their support for vaccination against the Covid-19, which has been threatening the health and lives of people around the world for two years. 

Multiple studies and statistics at home and abroad prove that vaccination is a highly effective and very safe method that highly prevents people infected with Covid-19 from fighting for their lives in hospitals. In addition, new research confirms the vaccine´s significant ability to reduce the risk of transmission and the risk of severe disease, especially when the third dose – so-called booster is applied. 

We thank all Caritas´s employees, both those in the field and also those working in administration, for their responsible attitude towards work and having or being vaccinated. They come into contact with many people on a daily abasi and care tirelessly for the most vulnerable among us – the elderly, the sick, or people with disabilities.

At the same time, we are appealing to Caritas´s clients who hesitate with vaccination: the application of more than 7 billion doses of vaccines over the whole world shows that vaccine´s risks are much lower than risks emerging from the disease. If you have any health complications, consult with your doctor or the one at the vaccination center. According to the Czech Vaccinology Society, the vaccine is safe for pregnant women at any stage of the pregnancy, as well as for breastfeeding women. 

In the field, in Caritas´s centers for the elderly, hospices, as well as counseling centers and other facilities run by the Caritas Czech Republic, we need to prevent the spread of coronavirus by all available means. And we see how exhausting and challenging the situation is for our colleagues. Any restriction of our services would mean that we would not be able to help anyone. 

By getting the vaccine, you will be helping the Caritas as significantly as you generously help it with material donations. You will be helping our clients, as well as our selfless and currently extremely busy colleagues.  

Therefore, we are appealing to all whose health condition enables it: Please get yourselves vaccinated! It will be good for you, those close to you, your colleagues - in short to everybody around you; and you will give us the best gift to the 100th anniversary of Caritas in the Czech lands. 

Thank you for being considerate to yourself and your surroundings. We wish you good health. 
On 20 December 2021, Prague

The Caritas Czech Republic is the oldest charitable organization with a national structure in the Czech Republic. It is also the largest non-state provider of social and health services. The Caritas network consists of nearly 300 Caritas of various sizes.  Every year, Caritas helps to nearly 180 thousand people all over the country.