Caritas CARES 2021

The 2021 Caritas CARES National Report, entitled "More responsive job market: making sure no one is left out" addresses the job market situation and the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on the most vulnerable groups, the long-term problem of distraints and related participation in the informal economy. Finally, this year's Caritas CARES report also emphasizes the issue of the social economy and social business as a possible solution to several job and employment problems of those who face obstacles in the open job market.

Caritas Cares 2021 Report

The conference on publication of the National Report of Caritas CARES 2021


We presented the Czech version of the Report at the conference held on 16th February 2022, 11 am. Anyone interested in the well-being of society and healthy human development was welcomed to take part in it. The topics of the report, such as inclusive labour markets and employment policy, social business, indebtedness and participation in the informal economy, financial support for services aimed at strengthening inclusion etc., will be presented not only by experts with many years of charity experience, but also representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs – Daniel Prokop, Radek Hábl, Antonín Nekvinda and Kateřina Smejkalová. We are very pleased that Maria Nyman, Secretary General of Caritas Europa, has also accepted the invitation. The event will be opened by Lukáš Curylo, Director of Caritas Czech Republic. 

Contact person: Tomáš Nyč,, +420 734 681 129