Caritas Czech Republic

  • is a non-profit organization,
  • provides assistance to people in need within CR and abroad,
  • operates a wide network of social and health services,
  • operates as an association of more than 300 Caritas organization in the Czech Republic,
  • is part of the Roman Catholic Church,
  • organizes the Three Kings collection,
  • provides humanitarian aid and development cooperation in other countries incl. those affected by natural disasters or armed conflicts
  • due to its membership in the Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Europa has partners throughout the world.

The mission of Caritas CR is a service of merciful church love to people in danger or need, regardless of their age, gender, political beliefs, family structure, health status, sexual orientation, social and economic situation and the status of their affiliation to any ethnic or national minority, faith, religion and culture.