Caritas Czech Republic

The name Caritas Czech Republic is used in a wider sense for the entire Caritas network, and in a narrower sense for the part which is formally called the Secretariat of Caritas Czech Republic, is based in Prague, and coordinates all  activities at the national level. This page concerns the activities of the Secretariat. Jakub Líčka is the Secretary-General of Caritas Czech Republic.

In addition to coordinating the work of the regional Caritas organizations, the Secretariat of Caritas Czech Republic organizes national fundraisers, including the Three Kings Collection, convenes expert committees, cooperates with the foreign organizations Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Europa, and runs the Marianeum hotel and training centre in Prague. The Secretariat of Caritas Czech Republic includes Department of Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation, Department of Professional Agendas, Fundraising and Communication Department, and Economic Department.


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