Three Kings Collection 2023

The Three Kings Collection is the largest charity fundraiser in the Czech Republic. Every year, more than 70,000 volunteers join its organization and the process of caroling and collecting tens of millions of crowns.

How can you support the Three Kings Collection?

By transferring money to an account

(Account is in CZK only)

Account number: 66008822/0800

Variable symbol: 777

IBAN: CZ97 0800 0000 0000 6600 8822





You can donate via payment gateway - for member states of the European Union only.


(By clicking on the link you'll be redirected to a page with payment options in Czech language only)

The raised money will help hundreds of thousands of people in need in the Czech republic

The collection has its twentieth birthday. The Three Kings took to the streets for the first time in 2000 in the Archdiocese of Olomouc, thus restoring an ancient folk tradition. Today, carolers, as in the past, spread God's blessings and messages of merciful love among people, asking for a contribution for people in need.

The Three Kings Collection is also a holiday of solidarity. It mediates intergenerational encounters and cohesion. Even in a short amount of time, it allows people to experience a feeling of joy and reciprocity, which is its greatest mission and strongest message. It is a unique opportunity for carolers and donors to start the new year with a good deed.

You will meet small, young and older carolers of the Three Kings Collection in the streets of the Czech Republic with money boxes, mostly from 1st to 14th January (until 16th January in 2022), accompanied by an adult who must have an ID and submit it upon request. All money boxes are sealed (see below) and their numbers match the number of the caroler's card.

How is the raised money distributed and used?

The proceeds of the collection are divided according to a predetermined key: 65 % of the selected funds are returned to the charities that raised them, 15 % are intended for large diocesan projects, 10 % go to the crisis fund, from where they are released in emergencies and for help abroad. 5 % will be used by Caritas Czech Republic for their projects, 5 % make up legal overheads of the collection.