The Three kings Collection of 2022 has started
January 9, 2022 News

The Three kings Collection of 2022 has started

Three kings’ collection of 2022 is here! Once again, the carollers took the sealed money boxes and went caroling to the streets. During their quest, the carollers ask for contributions for those ​who find themselves in need. This year, it is for the 23rd time that the biggest collection event in Czechia is taking place. It is also a great opportunity to start a New Year with a good deed.

Right before the carollers took to the streets, Father Juan Provecho (a priest of the St. Thomas parish in Prague) blessed them online. The online blessing was also available to watch on TVs in Czechia. 

Three Kings are carolling especially outdoors

Across the whole of Czechia, you can see the carollers from January the 1st to January the 16th. They have split into small groups with a coordinator accompanying each of the groups. Every group has obtained a certificate and a sealed money box with the logo of Caritas that arranges the collection. The raised money will help the people in need. More detailed information on the use of collected money is available on the Three kings’ collection website.

Due to hygiene measures, the Three Kings are caroling mostly outdoors. Also, the carollers have a list of recommendations prepared on how to proceed during caroling to maintain all the anti-pandemic measures. This year, unfortunately, we must skip some of the events that were supposed to accompany the program of the Three kings’ collection. However, thankfully, the popular Three kings’ concert is not on the list of canceled events. It is taking place on January the 9th 2022 at 18 o’clock on channel ČT1. The information about the performers is available on the Three kings’ collection website.

You can donate by various payment methods

There’s no need to wait for carollers, you can donate to one of our static money boxes, which were very successful last year (that have proven themselves very much last year). Also, you can donate via payment gateway or to the collection account

(Some links lead to websites in Czech language only)

We wish you a happy New Year of 2022, and may it be full of Love, Health, and Understanding!