April 6, 2017 Articles

Conference: Let´s prevent debt traps!

On 11th May 2017, Caritas Czech Republic organizes a conference called “Let´s prevent debt traps! Policies to tackle over-indebtedness across Europe”. The topic of over-indebtedness has been chosen as a priority to work on based on the national Caritas Cares Report 2015. The event will take place at the European House in Prague.  

In the Czech Republic, we have observed an increase of insolvency petitions submitted by individuals. One of the main causes of over-indebtedness is income poverty together with lack of financial literacy among the population. Another important cause is insufficient legal regulation of consumer loans making the customers unprotected. The problems are worsened also by excessive competencies of executors´ offices. In Caritas Cares Report 2015 for the Czech Republic, the over-indebtedness was identified as a major issue in the area of poverty and social exclusion.

Thus, we would like to invite experts from other European countries, who have experiences with issues of debt traps, over-indebtedness, executions on property and/or debt relief, to share the examples of functional policies and good practices from their countries at the conference.

Head of Caritas Czech Republic, Mr. Lukáš Curylo, will communicate the output from the conference to the European economic and social committee through his membership in Various Interests´ Group of EESC.

Conditions of participation for speakers (refund of travel costs) are to be specified.

If you would like to collaborate with us and/or participate as a speaker, please contact us via the e-mail martina.veverkova@charita.cz and iva.kuchynkova@charita.cz until the 15th April 2017.