Collection for people affected by the tornado. Thank you for your help!
June 26, 2021 Articles

Collection for people affected by the tornado. Thank you for your help!

South Moravian Region was hit by a heavy storm with a hailstorm and a tornado on Thursday evening and Friday night causing severe damage. There was a number of casualties and hundreds were injured including children. Caritas is helping in the affected areas and is sending out intervention teams. Diocesan Caritas Brno is organizing a collection for people hit by the damaging tornado in the Hodonín and Břeclavsko region. The donations will help in specific villages.

The most affected were several villages in the south-eastern Czech Republic, where the current situation is truly catastrophic. Hundreds of houses are damaged and hundreds of people have been injured. So far, 6 people have died as a result of the tornado included pregnant women and child. Material damages will increase to the billions of crowns.

“One might think this situation would bring people down, but it’s the other way around. Many people come to help. Some bring soup to help those, who are cleaning the ruins, some bring roasted meat. Others donate a canvas for covering of the houses and they do not want anything in return,” says Veronika Slavíková from Diocesan Caritas Brno, who describes the situation in the village Lužice near Hodonín. 

The Caritas in collaboration with the task force of the South Moravian Region organizes help for the psychosocial teams, which will be operating in the area in the following days, mapping the situation and providing help to specific people.

The Board of Directors of the Caritas Czech Republic also agreed to donate CZK 500,000 from the crisis fund of the Caritas Czech Republic to the affected areas.


How can you support?

If you are from Caritas confederation and willing to help, you can contact Evžen Diviš or support Caritas work in the Czech Republic:

Evžen Diviš
Cell: +420 731 646 991; +420 296 243 330
Deputy Head of Department
Regional Manager for Mongolia, Moldova, Georgia and Balkan

ACOUNT NUMBER: 88444422/0800
IBAN: CZ17 0800 0000 0000 8844 4422
VS: 9061

If you want to make a donation as an individual

Account number for payments in Czech crowns
VS: 2002

International payments in other currency
CZ36 6800 0000 0042 1132 5188