Caritas is still helping in places devastated by tornado
October 8, 2021 Articles

Caritas is still helping in places devastated by tornado

For three months now, Caritas has been helping people after the tornado. In the first days, Caritas workers provided humanitarian aid, later they visited families and dealt with their financial assistance from fund. Caritas still stands by the inhabitants of Moravian municipalities. Three months after the unexpected destruction, a special tent in Mikulčice is still in operation. The following report describes how it works.

People from Mikulčice will find support in the Caritas tent

Caritas remains with affected even three months after the tornado. For example in Mikulčice. There is still red Caritas tent in the middle of the municipality, where 2 people help every day. „It’s getting colder and mould is starting to appear in people’s homes. Just now, we were looking for a dryer for one lady“, says Helena Špérová from Regional Caritas Hodonín, who transformed from the Head of the Care Service into a humanitarian worker after the tornado. Volunteers take turns in the tent with Caritas workers. Together, they lend tools to people in need, advise on where to get material, refer to further help, even psychological one, or warn against fraudsters with overpriced offers.

I'm glad I'm not alone in here

Two other volunteers are working in the attic of one of the destroyed houses on the street nearby. There is still trapped moisture on the ceiling which draws attention to itself with stains in the living room. The men have the task of tearing the floor in the attic down, so that it can ventilate and thus dry better. They put down a few boards and a surprise awaits them. „Other boards are glued to the floor, if we remove them, they will get damaged. Perhaps it will dry as it is, we will just have to put dryer from below“, they tell the homeowner. There is no light in the attic, so they help themselves with headlamps. But the lights are fading. „Come to our tent for new flashlights after lunch“, Caritas employee Helena Špérová tells them. The men are getting ready for lunch again and again. But they cannot help themselves. Again they are standing in the living room downstairs with the homeowner, examining the damp stains on the ceiling. „Thanks to the volunteers, but also to Caritas for their help. I’m also glad that someone’s voices are heard here, that I’m not alone“, confides the lady.

Proceeds of the collection to help people after the tornado: CZK 344 695 600

Number of concluded donation agreements: 1 515
Total amount of sent financial support: 221 820 826

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