Foreigners in the Czech Republic

Caritas CR is active in the field of migration. It offers outpatient counseling and terrain forms to its clients. It is provided in six cities in the Czech Republic (Praha, Brno, České Budějovice, Litoměřice, Hradec Králové and Plzeň). Staff of Caritas CR also offer a variety of interesting integration activities, work in residential facilities for foreigners, offer direct assistance and humanitarian assistance to foreigners and support to victims of trafficking.

More than 500 thousand foreigners live in the Czech Republic including those who have chosen the Czech Republic as a place for a permanent or long-term stay, who found a job or do business here, who have sought protection from political persecution or the critical economic situation in their homeland.

The coordination of migration activities

Caritas CR is engaged in coordinating activities at the national level among other Czech Caritas. The task of the migration coordinator is to provide information services and to coordinate activities within the organization as well as partner caritas organizations. The coordinator organizes and manages the regular meetings of professional colleagues for migration and refugees within the Caritas and provides training in the field of migration and integration.

Caritas Czech Republic, represented by its migration coordinator, is a member of the Committee on the Rights of Foreigners of the Government Council for Human Rights with the right to vote.

Information helpline for citizens of the Republic of Mongolia and Vietnam

The information helplines are intended for citizens of Mongolia and Vietnam living and working in the Czech Republic. Caritas CR has provided funding through various sources since January 2009. The lines help integration processes for citizens in the Republic of Mongolia and Vitenam and help them to communicate with institutions and authorities.

The project is for the citizens of Mongolia and Vietnam and all others who work with the Mongols and Vietnameses or come in contact with them. Operators speak Czech, Mongolian or Vietnamese, provide information concerning the stay of foreigners in the Czech Republic, employment and related rights and obligations, health care, education, social services etc. The lines can also help to contact Czech institutions that use or need an interpretation assistance when they are in contact with the citizens of Mongolia or Vietnam.

The Mongolian line is open two times a week: Monday and Wednesday from 9 till 11 and from 14 till 16 o'clock.

The Vietnamese line is open three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 till 12 and from 14 till 17 o'clock

Assistance in Mongolian and Czech language:

Assistance in Vietnamese and Czech language: 

The services are provided anonymously and free of charge (only the price paid for the call).