Become committed

Whether you're a company or just a person ready to help with good will and a big heart, join us so that together we can do great things! Last year, for example, an imposing 75,000 volunteers devoted almost half a million hours of their leisure time to other people. Everyone can help – with ideas, expertise or simply time. Make a birthday party a donation challenge, offer your professional skills or put your shoulder to the wheel. Choose the form that suits you best. We welcome all help!

Choose how you’ll help
We can get to work right now. The sooner we start, the sooner we make the world a better place to live.

  • Caritas Friends Club
    Become a member of the Club to support our activities and development.
  • Volunteering
    Share your free time with children or seniors, or take part in organized events.
  • Donation Challenge
    Ask everyone to support a selected project or launch your own appeal.
  • Partnership
    Offer your professional assistance and services.