Program of the conference Let´s prevent debt traps!

The director of Caritas Czech Republic Lukáš Curylo will launch the conference with his introduction and welcoming statement. The first contribution will focus on the research held by Renovabis and IBRS on the topic of „Financial situation of families taking care of dependent children in the Czech Republic“. General secretary of Czech bishop conference Stanislav Přibyl, together with Mr. Curylo, will make a statement about the results of this research.

Ondřej Špendlíček, the chair of the collegium of social counselling centers of Caritas Czech Republic, will discuss the over-indebtedness situation in Czech Republic.

Ondřej Zezulka from the Ministry of Justice will introduce current changes in executional and insolvency Czech law. 

Marcela Hrubošová, the founder of project Finance pro radost / Finances for joy will held a presentation on the financial literacy and children forced into the position of innocent debtors.

Presentations of foreign speakers will be as followed:

Marta Czapnik a Gabrielle Glodek from Polish Salvation Army will present their project of interventions to tackle massive loss of housing due to indebtedness in neighborhood of Praga in Warsaw.

Aida Karčiauskienė, representative of EAPN and Caritas Lithuania will discuss joint research of Lithuanian NGOs about over-indebtedness and poverty.

Elina Alere-Fogele, representative of EAPN Latvia will focus on executions on property in her country and the human rights issue connected to this topic.

Nicolas Mantseris from Caritas Germany will speak about executions on property and debt-relief procedures in Germany.

The conference will conclude with an open debate and Q&A session.

The director of Caritas Czech Republic Mr. Lukáš Curylo will also share the outcomes through his membership at the Various interests´group of the European Economic and Social Committee.

Refreshments will be available including buffet lunch.

You can find the time schedule in English also here.