What Is Home?

What is HOME?

Come and listen to the stories of people who, for various reasons, came to Europe and the Czech Republic. You will find out whether they consider it their home here and what actually does “home” mean to them. You will hear their personal accounts of how difficult it is to leave home and which difficulties they had to face on the way.
June 12, 3.30 – 6.30 pm
SmetanaQ Gallery, Smetanovo nábřeží 334/4, Prague 1

Presentation about financial situation of families with dependent children (spring 2017)

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The financial situation of families is defined by key indicators such as parent/guardian´s age, number of dependent children and type of family unit. Read all the study about this topic HERE.

Program of the conference Let´s prevent debt traps!

The director of Caritas Czech Republic Lukáš Curylo will launch the conference with his introduction and welcoming statement. The first contribution will focus on the research held by Renovabis and IBRS on the topic of „Financial situation of families taking care of dependent children in the Czech Republic“. General secretary of Czech bishop conference Stanislav Přibyl, together with Mr. Curylo, will make a statement about the results of this research.

Conference: Let´s prevent debt traps!

Jindřich Streit: Frontier

On 11th May 2017, Caritas Czech Republic organizes a conference called “Let´s prevent debt traps! Policies to tackle over-indebtedness across Europe”. The topic of over-indebtedness has been chosen as a priority to work on based on the national Caritas Cares Report 2015. The event will take place at the European House in Prague.